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1501 Broadway Time Square

New York, New York 10036

646 801-4437

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Most Photography Shown Was Shot by Mike Styles
Lola Monroe Official Glam Girls
Draya Michelle Official Glam Girls
Brooke-Bailey Official Glam Girls
Ophilia Just Right Official Glam Gir
cat-washington-official Glam girls
seezinz Autumn Official Glam Girls
Ashley Nicole Official Glalm Girls
Shakur Official Glam Girls
LaTrice Official Glam Girls
Angela Henderson Official Glam Girls
Kristina V official Glam GIrls
Laura Dore Official Glam Girls
TASHA FORD Official Glam Girls
Brooke Bailey Official Glam Girls 2
Cat Washington Official Glam Girls
Erica BadGirlsClub Official Glam Gi
simply_ophilia Official Glam Girls
Tea Got A Body GOT Milk Ogg
Tia Hollywood Official Glam Girls
Nashira West Official Glam Girls

Official  Glam Girls: Be Seen, Get Known, Stay Relevant

If you’re looking for a corporate model-building company that can take you to the top, get you into the hottest publications, assist you with building awareness and help you become a household name, Official Glam Girls will take you there with stellar image and media consulting that will make you a star.

Official Glam Girls is not a modeling agency; it is much more. it’s a marketing, consulting, public relations, image development, booking and media management company that helps you develop your image and gives you the guidance of industry experts who create the foundation to propel your career to new heights.

Style Elite Modeling & Talent Booking Company (formerly Style Entertainment) has been known in the entertainment world for producing the best models and talent available for over 17 years.

Official Glam Girls has become so in-demand that it now serves aspiring models and rising stars independently as a separate entity. Even though most urban modeling agencies and management companies won’t take on the hard work and financial risk of developing fresh faces in the industry, Official Glam Girls sees potential in all levels and makes it into success from the ground up.

We’re not looking for clients that are easy to win with; we’re looking for the raw talent that shines through inexperience that we can lead to stardom. Using a mix traditional public relations techniques and Internet and viral marketing expertise, Official Glam Girls develops your image through photo shoots, appearances in magazines, social networking, radio,television, film and more. You already know some of the stars who shine because of Official Glam Girls, including Lola Monroe aka Angel Lola Luv, who went from an unknown to a top model, actress, recording artist and business women thanks to the help of Style Elite, Official Glam Girls, and Evolutionary Artist Management .We also discovered Cat Washington of the Bad Girls Club: Miami (Season 6) and brought her from obscurity to a Style Elite / Official Glam Girls top model to a reality star, as well as Ophilia Just Right from VH1’s Love of Ray J 2. Through a specialized plan, Official Glam Girls will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals in the entertainment industry. As an Official Glam Girl, you’ll have access to connections from our affiliate agencies:  Style Elite Modeling & Talent Booking Company  for your casting and booking needs; Mike Styles Company to build your industry connections, create your image through photography, film and video; Mike Styles Celeb Booking Company  to assist you with venue hosting and appearances both in the States and abroad; Evolutionary Artist Management for those with ambitions in rap, singing, music producing, music writing and artist development for global branding, foundation development, merchandising and product development, strategic alliances and digital marketing and media awareness. This entire family of companies combines and works together to build a solid foundation for you in areas such as appearing in publication and music videos, fashion shows and ad campaigns, promotional jobs like club hosting, TV gigs and reality shows, film projects, merchandising and development and more in both the United States and overseas. Clients who show effort, follow our advice, guidance and instructions can expect Official Glam Girls to help them “Be Seen, Get Known and Stay Relevant.” As experts, we care about your success and will find limitless opportunities in modeling and beyond for you. Unlike other companies, we’re willing to go out on a limb and take the time to nurture and inspire talent where others will not.

Don’t be unknown any longer. Don’t become obsolete. Be a rising star. Become an Official Glam Girl now and let us use our branding, consulting and marketing, image development, booking skills and industry connections to open the doors that will take you straight to the top. 

All deposits and payments mace to / 

Official Glam Girls / Mike Styles Celeb Bookings for any services are non-refundable

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